Family and Portrait

Woman in blue dress posing on bridge
Graduate pointing at mortarboard hat
woman in graduation gown and cap
young man posing
young couple posing in field of flowers
young woman smiling through cherry blossoms
young man posing in cherry blossoms
man posing in tree
couple posing in front of cherry blossoms
couple posing together
couple looking at each other
baby smiling into camera
family laying on blanket
husband and wife posing
husband and wife kissing
family walking with baby
family laying on blanket looking at baby
baby playing with teddy bear
toddler excited about his pictures
toddler talking to his Pooh Bear
dad and son playing
dad showing son a bug in his hand
Toddler looking at bug in dad's hand
Candid of Dad and Son playing with a light
Son scaring Dad with a light
Toddler running towards camera
Dad and Son playing in a tree
Dad holding sun up
Toddler running in grass field
Candid of Father and Son
Son sleeping on Father's shoulder walking away from camera
Man posing in front of field
Man smiling
Man leaning against a tree posing
Man posing looking into camera
Man posing against tree laughing and looking down
Man posing in front of church
Man leaning against wall posing in front of church
Man sitting on bench in contemplative pose
Man leaning against brick wall
Woman posing in window of stone cabin
Woman playing with hair looking back at camera
Woman posing in front of vista
Woman playing with hair looking into camera
Woman with head cocked looking into camera
Side profile of Woman smiling into camera
Woman posing on rock in front of vista

Family photography is the root of Clay Benedict Photography. From small mini sessions, to multi-generational outdoor shoots. We deliver the memories for the entire family to enjoy. Portrait sessions and family photography sessions are provided at a location of your choosing. All sessions include a private web gallery with your high resolution finished photos with printing options. Meaning you get to choose what gets printed and what size.. I look forward to be able to capture your memories and make your family look the best!

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