Woman's hand on Fiancé's chest showing engagement ring
Woman giving man a kiss on the cheek
Woman sneaking up behind, covering eyes of Fiancé
Couple celebrating their engagement, spraying champaigne
Man dipping fiancé while dancing in the sun
Couple cuddling in front of sunset
Couple laying on blanket talking
Couple showing off engagement ring
silhouette of couple kissing in front of sunset
woman showing off engagement ring dancing with fiance
Woman smiling at camera while fiancé adores her through a sunbeam
couple hugging and being shy
woman smiling at camera jumping into her fiance's arms.
woman with hands on man's thigh looking at each other adoringly
newly engaged couple cuddling on a rock together smiling at the camera
couple embracing and kissing eachother
couple embracing and looking into each other's eyes
woman being lifted up by fiancé showing her engagement ring to the camera
woman jumping into fiancé's arms
couple cuddling on rock in front a mountain at sunset
engaged couple adoring each other at sunset in front of a mountain

It all starts with the engagement. From the moment the question is popped, a rush of emotion in an instant. Engagement photos are a great way to announce to the world your love! Engagement sessions are great low commitment ways of trying out a wedding photographer and being able to capture a new milestone in your life.

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