Couple taking their vows in front of red rocks
Bride smiling at her Groom
Couple have a small celebration after saying their vows
Bride and Groom posing
Husband dipping his wife and giving her a kiss
Bride leading her groom through the rocks
Bride wearing Husband's hat
Groom looking out over vista of a lake
Groom posing with bouquet
bride in wedding dress
Wedding couple looking out at vista
stylized wedding pose
Groom smirking while fixing cuff link
Groomsmen tying brown dress shoe
Fist bump getting ready for wedding
Groomsman posing for camera
Tray of fruit for reception
Father of Bride giving a toast
Sister of Bride giving a toast
Couples first dance
Cutting of the wedding cake
Wedding party celebrating on the dance floor
Bride's maid getting down
Cousin's dancing at wedding
Wedding party in front of lake
Kid's dancing at a wedding
bridesmaid talking to bride and smiling
Bride with her bridesmaids getting ready
Wedding ceremony
Couple's first dance in front of lake
Bestman giving a toast
Groomsman lifting of Groom
Married couple embracing each other looking at lake and mountains
The bride's Converse shoes
Newly married couple
Married couple kissing in front of sunset
Bride and bridesmaid celebrating in front of twilight
Groom singing to himself before wedding
Groom's first look
Wedding rings on wedding colors
Couple talking after first look
Newly married couple posing for photo
Exchanging of rings
Groom and sister posing
Groom and Bestman hugging
Bride and Groom posing in front of barn doors
Wedding bouquet
silhouette of couple
bride and groom kissing in back of car
Groom's shoes
Bride and Groom about to kiss under wedding veil
Bride and Groom laying on blanket of fall leaves
Married couple posing in front of Mountains
Couple cuddling in the grass
Couple showing off wedding rings
Wedding cake with blue background
Groom taking bride from bridesmaids
Couple waving through tunnel of confetti
Couple running through tunnel of confetti
Bride in wedding dress posing with Groom in front of mountains
Groom giving Bride just a little dip
Bride and Groom doing their best prom pose
Bride looking into camera sitting on Groom's lap
silhouette of Bride and Groom at twilight
Little girls dancing at wedding

Serving your destination wedding needs in the Southwestern United States.

Clay Benedict Photography, is a Wedding Photographer in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our mission is to capture you and your uniqueness, too many photographers have set posing lists and make photo sessions look identical to other’s photos. We want to capture your personality and what makes you unique. This is done, by working with you and being open to suggestions on how you would like your pictures to look.

We are available for weddings, all over the southwestern United States. So whether you are having a farm house wedding in Abilene, a mountain hand fasting in Taos, or a sunset mesa ceremony in Sedona, I can be there as your Wedding Photographer. We are your choice for destination weddings and ceremonies in the Southwest.

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