I want you to know that when it comes to your wedding photography, I'm here to capture your memories. Anyone can photograph your wedding, but I take a different approach. I capture you, ditching the standard poses that every wedding photography session involves, and allowing you to be yourself. You and your spouse are a one-of-a-kind couple, which means your wedding will be unique.

With an engagement, a new beginning in on the horizon for you. From the moment they pop the question, to all the planning involved. I want you to know I am here to help. I am not just your wedding photographer, but a friend with planning, an expert with timing, and someone who will do the little things. You're writing your future on your wedding day and that is a big step in life. I want to help you not only keep your memories but create them too. After the wedding and your big day, I want you know that I am still here for all those future events. For all those graduations, family photos, school pictures, and couples' photos to capture, as you two continue to grow.

Clay Benedict Photography is an engagement and wedding photographer, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Clay specializes in rustic and outdoor weddings. Launching these services in 2015, He has quickly grown to be a popular choice for destinations weddings all over the Southwest United States. Available for travel and local wedding and engagement photography. He has captured couples in their preferred setting. From the riverbanks where the proposal happened to beautiful red cliffs far away from home. Clay will get the shots where you want them, incorporating the landscape and venue that you dreamed of. With services for tiny elopements to large wedding parties, Clay Benedict Photography will capture your memories to last a lifetime.


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Do you travel for Weddings?

Yes, I do travel to all 50 states for weddings. It is always great and inspiring to be able to photograph in new locations.

Why do you do Wedding Photography?

I do Wedding Photography because of the energy. Everyone is happy, everyone is celebrating. The mood is positive, and the energy is high. It just always makes for a great time!

I have an active Toddler, is that ok with Family photos?

Toddlers are always active. But really, it's no problem at all. I approach it with a candid approach. Posed photos while we will get a few, it will mostly be candid photos. However candid photos usually make the best ones! My big suggestion would be we just aim for one of my mini sessions that way the little one doesn't get upset with how much time everything is taking.

What is your turn around time?

So this varies a little through the year and I will always let you know after your photoshoot what my estimated times are. However, for engagement photos expect about a week, weddings take about 6 weeks, and family photos are about 2 weeks.